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Fire Alarm – Design, Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, & Monitoring


Fire alarm systems can be as simple as a panel monitoring a fire sprinkler riser, or as complex as a voice evacuation system with full fire alarm detection and notification equipment. These systems must be designed to meet NFPA and local standards, commissioned with the local Fire Marshal, inspected annually, monitored 24/7, and serviced as needed. We can accomplish all of this, while working within your budget, and keeping peoples lives and their safety as the top priority.


Fire Extinguishers – Installation, Inspection, & Maintenance


Fire extinguishers in many cases are the first line of defense in a fire emergency. They provide an opportunity for the fire hazard to be eliminated before it creates a bigger problem risking extensive loss of property and possibly even lives. Extinguishers must be installed, inspected, and maintained per NFPA and local codes and standards. There are many kinds of extinguishers for different situations and environments.


Access Control - Design, Installation, & Maintenance


Access control is an important aspect of almost every facility in today's society. People want to feel safe wherever they are, and controlling who can come through the door greatly increases the safety of the occupants. Another aspect of access control that is often forgotten is the internal security that it provides. Our system can be set up to control any door in your facility. The system allows you to determine who needs access to which doors and at what times they need access.

Security Alarms - Design, Installation, Maintenance, & Monitoring


Security alarms are vital in protecting a customer's assets while they are away. The easier it is to use and manage the system, the more you will utilize it, and the safer you and your property will be. You can arm and disarm the system, get push notifications when someone else arms or disarms the system, and get a notification when the system experiences an alarm, loss of power, or other emergency. Complete control of the system from a smartphone allows you to disarm and open an access controlled door, adjust the air conditioner, turn lights on and off, and open a garage door from anywhere.

Surveillance Systems - Design, Installation, & Maintenance


Cameras tell a story that a security alarm cannot and provide you with information that will be vital in determining what really happened. Cameras can be used to monitor assets, areas, occupants, and many other important items. Our system can be viewed remotely anywhere you have internet access.

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